100 word challenge

My scary monster is a dragons head a dogs body with wings from a bird a donkey feet. This animal can breath fire pee on you fly and kick you at the same time, also this animal can hide in the dark And no one can find it and it has super quiet feet so when it walks you can’t hear it and it can turn into a bat and fly around it also has fangs so it can suck your blood until you drop to the ground that is way my monster is the best.

exersize 8;

A. Copy these sentences in your notebook and then underline the adjectives
1. The little girl ran along the dusty road.
2. Six delicious cookies were cooling on the rack.
3. brown The dark  painted dripped on the new white carpet.
4. A beautiful red rose bloomed in a quiet corner of that flower garden.
5. The old curtains were torn and faded, and they flapped in the light breeze.
6. After a few hours, they arrived at the train station, nine miles from Minto.
7. The hockey arena is located on Water Street beside the steel mill.
8. They used paper plates for the annual picnic.
9. These apples are juicy and red.
10. The long summer months are usually hot and dry.

Exercise 6: Verbs


Copy these sentences in your notebook and then underline the verbs.
1. Sue sat on the bench as we were jogging through the park.
2. John ate his lunch slowly.
3. He was enjoying a ham and cheese sandwich.
4. After work, we decided on a movie.
5. Since his accident, he has been driving more carefully.
6. You will never guess the answer.
7. Are you reading that magazine, or have you finished it?
8. Lucy will send you her new address.
9. Finally, the dealer agreed to our price.
10. Everyone wants a lucky lottery ticket.

Exercise 4: Pronouns

A. Copy these sentences into your notebook and then underline the pronouns.
1. Who told us that no one would be at the mall?
2.This  belongs to her.
3. She never gave them any of it.
4. Phillip called to tell them about that.
5. What did you give him and his wife for Christmas?
6. We always welcome suggestions.
7. Mine was destroyed by the flood, but the insurance covered it.
8. Give me some!
9. They told about the hardships we survived.
10. Many told about the kindness of strangers.

problem pitcure bouncing ball

prdict: i pridict that this problem piture is going to be about how the bouncing ball moves up and down





clarify: i had nothing to claryfy.


big questions:

why are the imiges of the ball closer together at the top of the pitcure?

why dose the parth trace out a corve line rather then a straight line?

stradigies: gess check and improve



solving procedure:

the light gets faster and faster as the balls got to the top so when they went down the light got slower and slower.

because when he  hits the ball as a slice and that makes the ball gets corve.




exersize 3 pronouns

Copy these sentences into your notebook, and then underline all the pronouns you can find in this exercise.
1. Many of them came, but few stayed long.
2. Give everybody something to eat before they leave.
3. What did you bring with you?
4. Did they teach themselves how to speak German?
5. After she cut herself, she went for a tetanus shot.
6. All of those are expensive.
7. Who likes chocolate?
8. The stones on the beach were green, but these are pink.
9. None of us was frightened by that.
10. He gave her several bottles of this.

B. Write 10 sentences of your own. Underline all the nouns you used

1. The soccer player fell down and started to cry.

2.The eagle chaesed the australian around the park.

3. Prince william saw kat fall into a cake.

4. Bob the builder couldn’t build the wall.

5. Tom and jerry both lost their leg.

6. Christian ate 17 pancakes.

7. The names Bonde James Bonde.

8. Tommy is going to Amarica and Hawiie.

9.  Erick is a chaterbox.

10. Can I have a pancake mummy.

exersizes 2 noun

A. Copy these sentences into your notebook and then underline the nouns.
1. From the top of a small hill, we saw the Northumberland Strait.
2. The ocean was calm, and the clouds were beautiful.
3. Then, the little boats began to appear.
4. The fishermen were out checking their traps for lobster.
5. Many people in this area spend most of their lives on the sea.
6. Local markets are full of mussels, clams, scallops, and lobster.
7. In small villages, canneries prepare seafood for shipment to Japan.
8. When their boats are full, the fishermen return to their harbours for the night.
9. If the weather is good, their catch is usually large.
10. Storms make life on the water dangerous.
B. Write 10 sentences of your own. Underline all the nouns you used.