100 word challenge

My scary monster is a dragons head a dogs body with wings from a bird a donkey feet. This animal can breath fire pee on you fly and kick you at the same time, also this animal can hide in the dark And no one can find it and it has super quiet feet so when it walks you can’t hear it and it can turn into a bat and fly around it also has fangs so it can suck your blood until you drop to the ground that is way my monster is the best.

100 word challenge

My heart was beating incredibly fast after the 42k run I was so tired that I could feel my pulses and my heart rappedly beating I’m so tired I fell on the ground so my heart could rest. When I got up saw no one  around they were all gone my heart starts to pump faster and faster I could not deserve a single person around me. I ask myself where is everyone. I went home to look for them then Bang I fell to the ground having a heart attack. Somehow I woke everyone was there.

100 word challenge

But I wonder what I would do Well I wonder I would do is I would go outside and run next door see if I can get in if I can’t I would smash the door get something and smash the door and try to wake everyone up bout first i will bring a phone and call the fire people and then I would be a hero lol. Then I would go around telling everyone but I wouldn’t need to because the news so yay everyone will got to me and congratulate me.

100 word challenge

as the light was so bright i could see all my chiled hood friends my chiled hood dogs my mum and dad i new this was not right. I could see the best moments in life the wurst moments in life i see all the girls i like i see my most memeroble parts in life and most inportently i see my wife my kids. But mostly i miss and regret was missing out on my brothers funral. Also i will tell you whats happened in the light is that my eyes are starting to hurt so i better stop

100 word challenge

My favourite book is specky Magee I am up to the second book and it is about a boy who plays footy for his school. They lost the grand final in their first season and in the second season a present has joined the footy team. Speckys name is Simon he is called specky because he takes lots and lots of speckys. He also has a friend called Christina she is a girl who likes to play footy as well as watching footy. This is why I like specky Magee,



The big garden has lots of flowers, plants, gardens and many more plants the most fantastic thing I think about  it is the boutifule plants and I think I would differently go there if I could. If I ever go to the garden I would be there for like ever and if I could buy something I would get lots and lots of flowers for my mum and all the women in my family but I can not because I am to young to go o England so that is wat I think.


Melbourne is the best city in Australia because all the towers are mine blowing. The eureka is the highest tower in Melbourne and I believe that the sky deck has one of the most amazing view in all of Australia.

Melbourne has only got wonderful views Melbourne has their own sport VFL and AFL. You don’t see Sydney and Queensland having their own sport do you?

I believe Melbourne is one of the most fantastic, spectacular and marvellous city in Australia.

classroom considerations

. 5/6a will always collaborate and work together in class.

. 5/6a should always come ready with a positive attitude so we can enjoy the rest of the day.

. We will always have an optimistic outlook about our learning.

. 5/6a are expected to always let  everyone  have a say and respect each others properties.

. In 5/6a we encourage  everyone to be safe and responsible in the classroom.

. In 5/6a we encourage everyone to persist with their work.

Every family should have a pet…

I strongly disagree that every family should have a pet.

Pets aren’t good to talk to. Even animals that can talk! I can’t talk to my pet because although it will talk back to me it will just say the exact same thing.

The world would be crazy, noisy and scary. If everyone had a pet it would be really crazy because pets would be chasing eachother.

Pets can be dangerous. Some pets bite off your fingers. No one likes that!

That is why not everyone should have a pet… they aren’t good to talk to, the world would be crazy and pets can be dangerous.