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The noise stopped and I stopped I slowly turned around there was nothing there because it was pich black and no1. Could see. The sound got even louder I started to run but it didn’t work so I hid behind a door the sound got even closer it started to make unusual sounds I started to run again but the noise stopped again but then it started again so I let it come to me and it was a rat but the the sound keeped on going I screamed my friend turns on the light and laughs I wanted to kill him.


Introduction: hi I am tommy and I will be telling you about Paul kirk I hope you enjoyed. Paul Kirk was born on the 9th of May 1902 in the city of Colorado Springs, in the United States of America. He died on the 5th of June 1970. His education was at Ohio State University, University of California and Berkeley. In 1929 Paul became a professor of Biochemistry at UC Berkeley. Paul kirk was a chemist and forensic scientist. He participated in the Manhattan Project where he specialized in microscopy. Kirk first became interested in forensic science in his early days as a teacher. This evolved after a student asked if he could determine if a dog had died from poisoning. In 1929 Paul became a Professor of Biochemistry at UC Berkeley. Kirk became a leader of UC Berkeley’s Criminology program. Dr Kirk was associated with Berkeley for many years which included from his graduate studies until he died in 1927. During the last two decades of his life Dr Kirk studied many crimes. Many criminology technique that are used to solve crimes today have been developed by him. He is truly a great man of his field. The contribution of Paul Kirk to forensic science is beyond estimation. Those of us who daily use those techniques so carefully developed by him and through him stand in a great debt and mourn his passing. http://texts.cdlib.org/view?docId=hb6h4nb3q7&doc.view=frames&chunk.id=div00025&toc.depth=1&toc.id= http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_L._Kirk

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Captain Balles found a bottle floting in the water he swam out to it so he could reaseve it. He did not want to them look for the tressure it took.10 days to find the tressure but there is no such thing as tressure. open it so he went to his friends and opened but they could not read it but it has been written in jibrish but one of the guys could read it and he told them there was a tressure is in new York and the boys went to.

the famous surfer

Maluka madness


It’s 2012  December 26th the day after Christmas, at sun set beach there has been a murder of the great Maluka Hooka Hooka.

Maluka Hooka Hooka has been shot in the head while he was surfing, earlier today we had a interview with the head of police and this is what he said “ Maluka has been shot in the head we have got a sample of DNA  the DNA  was from someone in his family” said chief malunga.

The chief asked the people who were at the comp they said” they herd a gun shot from somewhere around his house.” the police went up to his house and they found a bullet hole in the window it was from a DSR.50 .

One week after his death they found the killer it was Malukas brother.




CSI:    In the CSI the labs, with all the evidence they have the rooms in a dark blue colour to make it more cool and interesting. In the CSI they say this fingerprint is a match to the one we found in the crime scene. The CSI cases the judge just sends them away without any evidence on the criminal or if they are wrong innocent.


REALITY:   The labs in real life a really bright, they need to get their labs as bright as they can so they can find the evidence they need.  In real life they take their time in getting the evidence so they can arrest the right criminal, and they don’t say matched in real life they say it looks simular to. Real life judges take their time in the crime scene they don’t just send them away for no reason.

100 word challenge

Slowly the sky got darker and I saw lots of stuff waking up coming out. There is owls, eyes start to pop out of know where and weird noises I have to say this is one of the most scariest nights I have ever been alive for my friends from America think this is one of the most awesome nights in America you get lollies and tones of candy I think this night will get worse because of all the kids coming out of the dark and scaring you at night IT IS CREEPY.

the international day of the girl child

The United Nations declared on the 11 of October it would be international day of the girl (child). The international day of the girl represents the tough challenges they face every day in their childhood. There has been lost of improvements on these problem and some girls are getting the chance of a new educational life, but most of the other girls are still having problems in their life and for this reason most girls don’t get a good education.
I learnt that Many girls all over the world are unable to attend school due to safety problems, financial problems culture barriers. The girls that go to school sometimes can’t get their own benefits due to house chores and they can’t attend school at much so they will get a bad education . all these problems are still happening and yet to be soled.
If we help the international day of the girl we can achieve many goals like getting them more technology, better grades, and polices, partnerships, community mobilization and most of all the engagement of young people’s lives.
I feel that this program will help all the girls (kids) and they can fix this hopefully soon as they can, these problems need to be fix because they are really bad for the human life, and we need to get all of those girls out of factories and into the schools for their education if I could help I would do it to help their lives.
international day of the girl websites



` This is a recording of paragraphs from all the systems we have learned from the human body.

Muscular system by Alex ore ignatia:

The muscular system is filled with muscles your muscles get sent a signal from your brain to your muscle so they work. If you have no muscles you can not walk and with no muscles you get no movement in your body.

Endocrine system by middy ben Imran:

The endocrine system was discovered by cord Bernard. Hormones need to reach a target cell to get to the target cell they need to travel through the blood veins to get to the blood cells.

Lymphatic system by Eamon Devlin and Eleanor:

Lymphatic system is all around your body, tonsils can get to big and then you can not breath to well. Did you know that the lymph nodes are green.

Circulatory system by Eche, Afrah and Theo:

The circulatory system was named by William havey. There are two major organs in the circulatory system the heart and the lungs, did you know that your heart is the size of your fist. If your blood pressure gets to high you can die. The heart flows blood through the circulatory system, the circulatory system is all around your body, your veins collect blood and send the blood to your heart.


Digestive system by Julian Ella and Eden:

The small intestines are about 6m long and a interesting fact is that the large intestine takes about 16 hours to digest food. The oesophagus is in your throght it is about 20cm long and it takes food down. There are two diseases that I know 1 in the gall bladder witch is cancer 2 witch is in the pancreas witch is diabetes, the pancreas is about 15cm long.

Skeletal system by jack Chloe and Bryn:

The skeletal system goes all around your body and it protects your body. If you have milk and oranges with calcium it can make your bones stronger to brake and harder to brake.

Nervous system by Matthias Lilly and Zoe:

If you don’t have a nerves system you cant walk and you would have no life. Like everyone needs to do take care of your nerves system. In your nerves system you have blood cells but these blood cells are different colour they are blue and red blood cells.

Respiratory system by Bailey and Thomas:

If you are a smoker you can get cancer rotten teeth rotten toes. And if you go to a hospital you can get people to care for you and you can get better.

Urinary system by sharia Isabel and Tommy:

Parts of the urinary system are bladder, kidneys, uterus and the urethra. An interesting fact is that your pee does not stay the same colour it changes colour. Also you can live without one kidneys but cant live without two kidneys.

Conclusion (summery)

This reflection is all about our systems in our body and what they do and how they work and what parts of your body is in them. This is what our project was for this term.

asia reflection

Singapore lilly:

chines went to Singapore.

Population 5.31 mill.

Sir Stanford raffle founded Singapore in 1819

Hong kong chloe :

Binding peoples feat to make them smaller.

Almost the smallest country in Asia.

Disney land.


South Korea devlin:

It is densely populated

Play lots of baseball

Japan Matthias:

22,260,200 population

Sport soccer, basket ball net ball

Landmark daitokygi

China zoe:

Largest country in Asia

Forchin  cookies are not chines

200 languages

North Korea alex:

Sport tycondow and golf

Climate winter and summer

Populatin 24 mill


Taiwan bailey:

Located north east asia

City tipai

Population 23 mill

`india elernor:

Second largest country in the world

Currency rupee

Climate tropical

Moglia Thomas:

Sport bball, soccer.

Live in tents.

Food sheep, hourse

And fish.

Sir lanka afrah:

Pop 21 mill.

Capital calobo.

Food rice and beef.

Pakestan bryn:

Curncey rupee.

Pop 176,745,360.

In the cenral of asia.





Phillepines ore:

One of the smallest countreys in asia.

Curencey pero.

Climate tropical.




Mima ben:

Climate tropical.

Located central asia.

Pop 47 mill.

Pupa new guini ella:

Currency kina or taro.

Pop 5 mill.

Language English.

Indoneasa Isabel:

Currency rupiah.

40 thousand plants.

Capital Jakarta.

Bangladesh Imran:

Capital Dhaka.

Climate tropical.

Pop 150.

Vietnam Maddeline:

87 mill pop.

Currency dong.

Located south east asia.

Tieland ece:

Relijen budist.

Climate tropical humad.

Currency baht.

Cambodia shakira:

Climate trpical.

Capital 13 mill.

Capital phonen.


Russia theo:

Pop 98 mill.

Language Slavic.
northen part of asia.

Malaysia Julian:

Relijen muslim.

Currency ringet.

Pop 28 mill.

Laos eamon:

Language laos.

Capital vientia.

Pop 6.5 mill.