the international day of the girl child

The United Nations declared on the 11 of October it would be international day of the girl (child). The international day of the girl represents the tough challenges they face every day in their childhood. There has been lost of improvements on these problem and some girls are getting the chance of a new educational life, but most of the other girls are still having problems in their life and for this reason most girls don’t get a good education.
I learnt that Many girls all over the world are unable to attend school due to safety problems, financial problems culture barriers. The girls that go to school sometimes can’t get their own benefits due to house chores and they can’t attend school at much so they will get a bad education . all these problems are still happening and yet to be soled.
If we help the international day of the girl we can achieve many goals like getting them more technology, better grades, and polices, partnerships, community mobilization and most of all the engagement of young people’s lives.
I feel that this program will help all the girls (kids) and they can fix this hopefully soon as they can, these problems need to be fix because they are really bad for the human life, and we need to get all of those girls out of factories and into the schools for their education if I could help I would do it to help their lives.
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