` This is a recording of paragraphs from all the systems we have learned from the human body.

Muscular system by Alex ore ignatia:

The muscular system is filled with muscles your muscles get sent a signal from your brain to your muscle so they work. If you have no muscles you can not walk and with no muscles you get no movement in your body.

Endocrine system by middy ben Imran:

The endocrine system was discovered by cord Bernard. Hormones need to reach a target cell to get to the target cell they need to travel through the blood veins to get to the blood cells.

Lymphatic system by Eamon Devlin and Eleanor:

Lymphatic system is all around your body, tonsils can get to big and then you can not breath to well. Did you know that the lymph nodes are green.

Circulatory system by Eche, Afrah and Theo:

The circulatory system was named by William havey. There are two major organs in the circulatory system the heart and the lungs, did you know that your heart is the size of your fist. If your blood pressure gets to high you can die. The heart flows blood through the circulatory system, the circulatory system is all around your body, your veins collect blood and send the blood to your heart.


Digestive system by Julian Ella and Eden:

The small intestines are about 6m long and a interesting fact is that the large intestine takes about 16 hours to digest food. The oesophagus is in your throght it is about 20cm long and it takes food down. There are two diseases that I know 1 in the gall bladder witch is cancer 2 witch is in the pancreas witch is diabetes, the pancreas is about 15cm long.

Skeletal system by jack Chloe and Bryn:

The skeletal system goes all around your body and it protects your body. If you have milk and oranges with calcium it can make your bones stronger to brake and harder to brake.

Nervous system by Matthias Lilly and Zoe:

If you don’t have a nerves system you cant walk and you would have no life. Like everyone needs to do take care of your nerves system. In your nerves system you have blood cells but these blood cells are different colour they are blue and red blood cells.

Respiratory system by Bailey and Thomas:

If you are a smoker you can get cancer rotten teeth rotten toes. And if you go to a hospital you can get people to care for you and you can get better.

Urinary system by sharia Isabel and Tommy:

Parts of the urinary system are bladder, kidneys, uterus and the urethra. An interesting fact is that your pee does not stay the same colour it changes colour. Also you can live without one kidneys but cant live without two kidneys.

Conclusion (summery)

This reflection is all about our systems in our body and what they do and how they work and what parts of your body is in them. This is what our project was for this term.

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