maths mate term2 sheet6 Q22

so there is a triangle used with sircles and there is 4 in the bottem row 3 i the next then two then one wich is shaded.

the question is: a single digit number belongs in each circle, and it must equal the between the the two numbers it sits on. what is the lagest number that can go in the shaded circle?

the bottom four circles have numbers in them except for one on the right of them and the numbers are 7, 4, 1. but i read the question wrong and i thourght i had to add the numbers so i did 7+4=11 but that didn’t work becouse there was two numers so i read it again and it said the diffrence between the numbers so then i figered it all out after that i got the answer the bottom row is 7,4,1,9  the therd row was 3,3,8 the second row was 0,5 and the top was 5 so that was my answer.

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